Bonus system is a special electronic system of additional stakes acceptance that are made by the Clients with the purpose of additional gain. The system is characterized by the installation and usage simplicity. The prototype of a gambling desk, dynamic odometer with the current sum of JP as well as creeping line with advertising information are represented at the electronic display. Besides the above mentioned information the list of payments is also represented; during the process of staking or winning payment piles of chips equal to the stake sum are represented on the gambling desk.  System management is fulfilled by means of handheld keyboard that  doesn’t spoil the gambling desk surface. Any number of JP as well as odometers accordingly changing each other can be customized.  There is an option of the prototype of the gambling desk change in  case of actual game change at the gambling desk. В Prototypes of gambling desks and chips can be changed in the system at any time. There is the option of displaying the advertising slide show during the breaks between games. Percentage of charges and payments are customized manually at any time. To make the statistical analysis several reports are created that represent all the necessary information for the correct bonus system management.